We are Dolly bikes

 “Wouldn’t it be great if a cargo bike was more and something else than just a brown wooden box on a simple frame. A cargo bike could be so much more than that, with a modern frame, new fresh colours and a trendy design!”

That is what we thought for years when we looked at cargo bikes outside on the streets. In 2012 we decided to stop just thinking about how much better things could be, we decided to take action. The Dolly was born….

The design

The design of the Dolly turns the Dolly into a cargo bike that does not yet exist. The Dolly has a unique and original design, is trendy, elegant and is very recognizable because of its specific material and colours.

Not only the design makes the Dolly unique, the colours do so too. There are 6 six different frame colours and as many as 12 box colours, so numerous colour combinations are possible. A bold, striking, subtle or flashy Dolly cargo bike? You decide!

Whatever you choose, your Dolly will match your personal taste and style perfectly!

1st class quality

Of course we realise that a good and beautiful design is only the beginning of an excellent cargo bike. That is why, for both design and manufacturing, we naturally chose for first-rate and best-in-class quality.

With this in mind we decided to have the frames and boxes manufactured by well-known partners in The Netherlands. For the frame a strong 3-layer powder coating is used.

The Dolly bikes are assembled in our workshop in The Netherlands by hand, and one by one. This together with the use of only the best components, makes the quality of the Dolly first-class. The Dolly, Handmade in Holland, is truly a product you can rely on! 

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