Modern, new and trendy!


Designing the Dolly Family was not an easy task: a two-wheel cargo bike with a design that stands out in the current bicycle market. The result is a cargo bike with a modern, new and trendy design which can be customized by the numerous colour combinations to make it even more personal.

In addition to the design, a lot of attention was paid to the geometry of the fame and the dimensioning of the box. This enabled us to give the Dolly not only a beautiful look and excellent final assembly but also outstanding cycling qualities and a practical, usable box.

Unique is also the material and shape of the box. The slightly slanting shape of the box extending over the head tube gives the Dolly its unique look. The box is made of polyethylene and is made by means of rotational moulding. This technique produces a double-walled box which is strong, sustainable, light and recyclable.

The standard Dolly Family is supplied with Nexus 5 gears. Nexus 8 gears can be supplied too, at an extra charge, and of course there is also a Dolly with electric assistance. Furthermore, the Dolly relies on its solid and outstanding assembly, with thick Sapim G13 spokes, a stable custom-made Steco stand, high-quality Spanninga lighting and solid double-wall BigBull rims.

Customize your Dolly Family

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