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Which colour is your Dolly cargo bike going to be?

The Dolly cargo bikes have a unique and original look, not only because of the design but also because of the numerous colour combinations.

At the moment you can choose from 4 different frame colours, from robust Black Matte to fresh and sporty LagunaGreen. The Dolly box is available in 12 colours, so all in all up to 50 colour combinations!

On this page you can customize your own Dolly bike. Click and try out all the box colours on the frame of your choice. Whether you choose for a Dolly with 5 or 8 gears, or maybe the Dolly Edrive, your colour – your Dolly.

Would you like to test the Dolly bike? Check our dealer map for a Dolly dealer near you.

  • Frame: Black mat
    Black mat
  • Frame: Blazing Copper mat
    Blazing Copper mat
  • Frame: Jeans Blue
    Jeans Blue
  • Frame: Carbon Grey
    Carbon Grey

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