The Dolly Cargo bike:

The Dolly Cargo bike; lightweight, trendy looks and colours, solid Dutch quality. The Dolly 2 wheeled cargo bike with its light-weight and smooth handling characteristics is the perfect cargo bike for both short city trips and longer distances. With Dolly you’re always assured of a nice ride.

  • Light-weight double walled plastic box is available in 11 colors
  • Choose one of five different frame colors
  • Perfect driving characteristics and easy maneuvering
  • From paint shop till complete assembly, we do everything ourselves in the Netherlands
  • Top high-end components, build to last
  • Motor: Bafang M400 MaxDrive mid-motor, 250Watt, 80Nm peak power
  • Support: 5 support levels and a walking position
  • Battery capacity: 600Wh. 43 Volts
  • Range: At least approx. 35 KM in extreme use and approx. 80 KM in normal use.
  • Removable battery: Yes, below the bench in the box
  • Type of display: Luxury LCD color display, on-off, lighting and walking mode via switch
  • Supports up to: 25 KM / H
  • Gears: NuVinci Enviolo Cargo N380 gear hub, powerful and stepless shifting
  • Wheels: Strong Ryde Big Bull rims with thick stainless G13 spokes, V 20 × 1.75, A 26 × 1.95
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes Tektro HD-T285L. V 180mm, A 160mm disk
  • Paint layer: Double powder coating in the Netherlands. Choice of 5 matte colors
  • Frame size: Uni, with seat post adjustment, suitable for everyone from 1.55m to 2.05m
  • Box: Material (double-walled / NL produced / PE) Choice of 11 colors
  • Lock: ART approved ring lock Axa SolidPlus **
  • Kickstand: Stable, double kickstand, safe parking on any flat surface
  • Rear carrier: A rear carrier is available as accessory
  • Capacity box: With a second bench, maximum 3 children, the loading capacity of the container is 80 KG
  • Dimensions: L 265cm x W 65cm x H 115cm (Box edge at H77 cm)
  • Weight: Bicycle with rider and load max. 275 KG.
  • We have created several workplaces for people with a distance to the labor market, with this Dolly actively participates as a Socially Responsible Company

Dolly has no wooden box, but a fully recyclable light weight double-walled plastic box.

Double-walled plastic box has many advantages:

  • Light weight, a saving of several kilo’s compared to a wooden box
  • No angular container with hard edges, but a nice and well-shaped box with rounded corners en wide edges
  • Many box colours possible, from Pastel Green to Mat Black to Army Green
  • The Dolly box is more durable than a wooden box, especially when it is outside in the raining weather every day.
  • Very safe and strong box. No splinters, but the double-walled box works like it’s the bumper of your car.

Dolly Bikes, innovating top quality since 2012