Professional Dolly Cargo

Professional Dolly Cargo

In addition to the succesful Dolly cargo bike for families, the Dolly collection has been expanded with a professional Cargo business transport edition. Specially developed together with business users. Dutch top quality and affordable.

The lightweight flightcase box made of PP (polypropylene) has 280 liters capacity and a load capacity of 80kg. Gas-lifted cover, accessible on both sides. Rain resistant and with built-in lockable clip. Large loading capacity through a floor surface of 650mm x 535mm (LxW). Calculated on Euronorm, Gastronorm and A-standard paper sizes.


  • Cost-efficient freight transport in the city
  • Available with high power electric pedal assistance
  • Wide strong and stable kickstand
  • Sustainable and green last miles
  • Stickerable for advertising purposes
  • Easy, green and affordable!

Flight case:

  • Strong light weight box made of PP (polypropyleen)
  • 280 liters capacity and a load capacity of 100 kg
  • Can be loaded and unloaded from both sides
  • Rain resistant
  • Built-in, easy to lock, clip
  • Cover with gas spring
  • Sporty, earo dynamic appearance


With a floor surface of 650x535mm (LxW), the flightcase offers space for:

Euronorm crates/boxes:

  • 1x 600x400mm
  • 2x 400x300mm
  • 4x 300x200mm

Baking Gastronorm:

  • 1x GN 2/1
  • 2x GN 1/1
  • 4x GN 1/2

A-standard paper sizes:

  • 1x A2 box
  • 2x A3 box
  • 4x A4 box